Monday, 14 January 2013


Chap 02

Cherishing Moments

He looked the other side and nodded his head. Before I could speak up he hugged me placing my head on his chest. I could clearly hear his racing heart-beat, his irregular breathing in excitement. I closed my eyes and smelt his cologne and slid my arms across his muscular back and released a long sigh.
It was like more than a minute that he was holding me in his arms embracing like he missed me so much. To be honest even I did not want to pull back. I too missed him a lot. As a friend, as a well wisher, as a drink partner. A small smile escaped from my lips. Arnav and me never used to consume hard drinks like our partners. We used to enjoy virgin mohito whenever we went to a pub and we used to act all tipsy when our partners were busy grooving on the beats.
My trance broke when he whispered again "Khushi!".
I murmured "hmm!" still resting my head on his warm chest.
I could feel he kissed he on my head and then slowly pulled back.
My hair was a little messed up. He tiled his head sideways and looked into my eyes. Slowly traveling his eyes he moved his fingers across my forehead to remove my locks and tucked it behind my ears.
I gave him a loving smile and tucked my lips. I was not about to believe that it was indeed him who was standing before me.
I was still effected just like before. Nothing changed. Not a single thing. His touch was he same. His excited expression was same.
After talking silently to each other recapitulation the moments that we had 8 years back he said, "you in London?" the same mesmerizing smile, the same eagerness in his voice, the same cute dimple which he often hid behind his stubbles.
I looked down shyly and nodded in approval.
"Why did not you tell me?" he asked and immidately held his forehead, "how dumb can one get. How will you know that I am here? I am sure if you would have known then you would have informed me. But by the way when did not you tell me that you were going to London? One day after your divource thing with shyam got to know from your neighbours that you and aunty left. I tried to ask them about both of you but they did not have any clue. And how come you got divource so early? I mean you needed yo go through 6 months separation period na?"
I looked at him, heard whatever he was saying, but words were just not coming out from my mouth. I was so into him at that moment that I decided to say, "Arnav! Breath" and I bursted out into laughter.
"Gosh! Ya I am crazy I know". He composed himself and touched my shoulder with his palm and asked "How are you?"
I smiled and looked at him, "I am fine arnav! How are you?"
He looked up and said "with gods grace I am fine".
My heart skipped I gulped before throwing my next question to him "how is lavanya?"
I could see some kind of sadness in his face. He sighed and said "she must be good".
I frowned a little and asked "must be? She is not in London?"
"nope, she is in india".
I did not want to ask him much on that seeing the hurt which was evident in his eyes.
"mera baat chodo, tum batayo, how is aunty?"
"arnav mumma passed away 3 months back". I said holding back my freshly formed tear.
He cupped my left cheek and said in a very soft voice "I am sorry".
"that's ok" I sighed.
"coffee?" he asked me out of no where.
"I am sorry, but right now I have to go and pick up kush!"
Suddenly his expression changed and he was back in his naughtly avatar.
"umm! So damn found her dream-mate it looks like".
Kush and Khushi! what a co-incident. He laughed out load.
I looked and him and smiled.
"He is my son"
His expression immediately changed hearing that.
"why are you looking at me as if you have seen a ghost".
"your son?"
He checked me out from top to bottom and said, gosh! Then how can you still look so sexy?
I felt a little embaressed when he used the word sexy, I mean not that I did not like, but coming from him was a shocker for me.
Suddenly reality hit him. "you mean shyam left you knowing that you are pregnant?"
I looked down and then gathered myself and spoke. "He said he cannot take his responsibility. He wanted me to abort this child because he thought it was not the right time for us to become parents".
"and you wanted right?" he asked me
"yes I wanted kush!" I said spilling my tears.
"bast*rd" he whispered in frustration.
He planted a sweet smile on his face and said, "so he must be a big boy now? Must be around 8 years or so?"
"yap, he is a big guy" I said proudly.
"so you are going to pick his up from school?"
I nodded.
"so when are you going to make me meet him?"
"you' wanna meet him?"
"oh ofcourse I wanna meet him, wanna see how he looks, I am sure he will look just like his mom".
I nodded and said "ya he looks like me".
"god man, I still can't believe I met you today" he said and pulled me in a hug.
I saw him waving me while the train accelerated and vanished in few seconds.
I clutched my bag in excitement. Like a teenager I wanted to scream and dance. Brushing my thoughts I actually screamed at the top of my voice making the other people conscious around me. But I did not care. I saw him, him, arnav. OMG! I only knew how much I controlled in front of him. but now that he is not there I can act all crazy.
Arnav sat on the fibre seat and started recalling everything which happened few minutes back. "Kush!" the very name with which he instantly connected. Her son, her part, her baby. He did not know why he had sudden urge to see and hold the kid. Maybe because he always wanted a kid with lavanya but he never got an chance to convince her. And now that he heard about khushi's son be became really excited maybe because he was khushi's son. And he always loved anything any everything related to her.
He quickly checked his phone and stored khushi's un-stored number.
I saw him rushing towards me moving the crowd in from of him. having a widest smile on his face, he thumped his foot on the half grown grass and smacked himself with him.
I was bending a little so that he could reach me.
After his series of kisses and innumerous I love you and I missed you words he finally gave his final kiss on my lips.
"mamma!" he screamed in his loudest tone.
"Miss Gupta, you are really lucky to have a son like him, I have never seen such a bond between a mother and a child".
I kissed my baby and hugged him and proudly said "yes he is the best sin in this world".
"and you are the bestest of the best mumma in this whole universe".
Mrs tulip ruffled his hair and said "and you the the best student of this school".
My heart swelled up listen to the appreciation. I kissed him once again.
Kush! Is was brilliant student and a great athlete. He has been awarded as the most promising student of the years to come. He was liked by each and every teacher and students in his school, for this behavior, his intelligence and his communication skills.
I pulled up the quilt and asked my kiddo to smuggle in. Kush rested his head on my chest and closed his eyes. I removed his glasses and caressed his hair.
"mumma! Will you be coming for my squash classes tomorrow?"
"no baby! Mumma  has got to submit her project tomorrow na, so she wont be able to make it".
He pouted cutely and said, "mumma, tomorrow is the last day of filling the form for squash championship and I still haven't enrolled it. I would be needing your signature for that".
I felt a little helpless, I know I wont be able to make it. That Mr singhania would kill me if I don't visit his house tomorrow. I don't know why he called me in his house? That man is really not nice. But at this moment I cannot even leave my job unless I get a better placement. I have kush's responsibility on me. Feeling helpless I closed my eyes and sighed.
"baby, you need to talk to the trainer about it and see if you can get some grace".
"mumma, I will ask him, but what if he doesnot agree?"
"erm! I will talk ashoke ji in the morning and will see what can be done".
With heavy heart Kush replied "don't worry mumma, if we couldnot make it this year we will be able to make it next year", with that he smuggled with her more and dozed off.
I know baby, no matter what you will not let me know your sorrows. I know how much you want to participate. I just hope some miracle happens and I am able to reach your squash tution tomorrow.


  1. did khushi & arnav love each other or it is a due respect towards each other
    i think khush is arnav son
    so lets see my guess right or wrong

  2. was kush conceived the day arnav-khushi made love even if they didn't want to in the first place???
    Kush is really a great kid...
    so arnav haven't divorced lavanya yet???

    I have commented on the prev parts too with some queries..hope u'll c it..

    PS: can u change the settings where we need to type verification code...
    I asked for the same in ONS2..please do it na...
    And can I get permission for BFTW3:pawn... my IF is is RB81..if its not possible I'll leave that FF for now...coz I don't get the actual feel of it when I don't get to read it fully..

  3. Aww what a sweet bond between mother n son...beautifully written...loved it!!! :)

  4. Awesome update.
    Arnav and Khushi's meeting after so long was very sweet.
    Both loving the fact that they have met after so many years.
    You could tell they had very strong feelings for one another.
    Arnav seems very keen to meet Khushi's son.
    For him anything connected to Khushi makes him smile.
    Loved the bonding between mother and son. So sweet.
    Khushi did say Kush is the best sin in the world makes me wonder if he is Arnav and Khushi's son not Shyam's.

  5. I wish khush arshi ka son ho..n khushi n arnav meet again..
    Nice update appy ..cont soon plzzz