Monday, 14 January 2013


Chap 01

So we meet again

8 Years Later...

"Damn the Car" Arnav hit the tyres with his legs. He furiously dialed Aman's number and barked "Aman I will be a little late, I have to catch the tube and come to office".
"What happened to your Car ASR?"
"F*cking driver did not check the tyres yesterday, they are punctured".
"Cool down buddy, come fast, till then I will handle the clients. Umm I guess you will take almost and hour to reach, right?"
"Yap aman, ask them whether they can postponed the meeting".
"Ok ASR, I will check with them".
He zipped his backpack and held it sideways on his shoulder. He ran towards the nearest metro stating leaving behind his huge banglow, which he has recently purchased. Arnav singh Raizada has left India forever and now he has settled in London for last 3 years.
He is currently running his father's business in London, whose sister concern is taken care by his only sister anjali and his brother-in-law shyam.
Arnav is a very charming guy and a lovable too. His nature is extremely polite towards his employees but when it comes to his work, he is damn serious.
However now a days somehow he is not able to control his temper much. Maybe because he life India and settled in London alone. Some find of frustration, he was going through.
After that night he was not having a very good terms with lavanya and his friend shyam.
I swiped the ticket and entered crossing the barrier. After walking couple of minutes I sat on the bench and waited for the tube to arrive. It has been 5 years I am here in London.
I have no complains with my life. I never complained about anything that has happened with me. There is a saying "whatever happens, it happens for a reason and happens for god". I am a girl who always took things positively. So what our marriage did not work, so what shyam wanted a divorse from me after spending an year. I guess, we were never meant to be together. But yes I think I loved him till the time I was with him.
I know I was never been able to satisfy his physical needs. Maybe I was not good enough. I never liked rough sex. For me love-making was a magic which two soulmates share.
Yes I have experienced that only once in my life till date but that wasnot with my husband. It was with Arnav.
That one night made me feel as if I was wanted.
That one night gave me a whole new dimension of life.
That one night was the night I lost him after getting him.
Was he my soul mate?
How can I lose myself in front of a man whom I have never ever thought on those line?
I still remember how I cried my heart out clining onto him, blurting out my feeling towards shyams and how he took me in his arms and we did it which we shouldnot have maybe.
Well I guess, maybe it was meant to happen, and as I said, everything happens for a reason.
I don't regret that night. Rather I cherish those moments spent with him. It has just left me with one line.
"It was magical"
He was magical
We were magical
Everything around us was magical
His Kisses
His touches
His breadth
His smell
His whispering sweet nothings
His care
His embrace in the morning after that night was something, which I never felt with shyam.
And today I can proudly say that I have loved someone ek din ke liye hi sahi. But I truly loved to love him.
I looked at the approaching tube and got up picking up my stuffs. I hugged those stuffs and waited for the door to open.
I saw Appy waving at me. I gave her a sweet simple. She hugged her when I entered the tube.
Appy has been with me since to London. She is my college and a very close friend of mine. She is a lovely person. During the weekends I stay with her. She is a very matured person and she loves me a lot. She loved me to that extent that she ever fights with her boyfriend defending me.
"Hey Khushi, whats up babes? Umm! What ae you planning to cook today?"
she took the packets from my hand and started searching.
"Woah! Khushi, thai green curry is the menu tonight? Yum! I am coming to your apartment tonight".
"Sure sweetheart, you are always welcome".
"Ok listen I am bunking office today, I told that grumpy that I have fever, but actually I am going out with Avi, we have planned for a movie and then shopping".
I smiled at her and she kissed me on my cheeks while getting down from the tube.
Arnav was waiting restlessly, bumping on his toes, occasionally looking at the dark tunnel.
"Come on man, I am getting late dude".
"Ah! There it is".
Several compartment passed in front of him and finally the tube stopped.
The door opened and he got it.
Without looking anywhere he sat on the nearest seat and typed on his mobile
"Got the tube, will reach soon" and send it to aman.
He locked his phone and sat straight.
He tangled his fingers and started moving his thumb rolling on one another.
His trance broke when he heard some quarrels between some teenagers he looked at them and smiled.
He was about to divert his eyes from them when his heart skipped looking at the girl sitting next to them.
Arnav frowned his eyebrows and tried to look more closely, he whispered "Khushi!"
I was looking outside the window, when suddenly I thought someone called my name. I looked here and there and then my eyes fell on someone.
Someone known to me
I just couldnot believe my eyes, I thought I must be dreaming. It cannot be him. I am sure I am hallucination like other days.
I saw him getting up and walking towards me.
I flattered my eyelids, I was still in shock, It cannot be him, what is he doing in London?
I looked at him, this time my ears were still on him. Oh my God, he is really, I am not hallucinating, I am not dreaming, it is indeed him, Arnav!
He stood before me, like a stupid I was still sitting.
"Khushi! Its you"
I stood up and smiled, I was a little teary, I smiled at him and said "Ya, its me Arnav!"
He looked here and there tucking his lower lips in between his teeth and finally said


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      i am very happy that arnav left lavanya & khushi left shyam :-)
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